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Warners Wheels

Vintage Bicycle Saddle

Vintage Bicycle Saddle

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Bike Like a Grownup Isn’t it weird that when you transitioned to an adult bike, the seat didn’t seem any bigger? You get older and that narrow seat hurts more and more, putting pressure on sciatic nerves and providing little support for your hardworking hips. Put an end to uncomfortable rides with your WARNERSWHEELS bike saddle. Enjoy an extra-wide, 10 x 10 in. seat that makes it easier for you to get comfortable, pump your legs, and enjoy a beautiful day. 1 simple part swap enhances your enjoyment of the entire bike. Your quilt-pattern cushioned bike seat features a wavy stitching pattern and goes great with wicker baskets, old-school bike bells, and the long swooping curves of leisure-first cruiser bikes. Vintage Style, Modern Materials Count on your bicycle seat cushion to go the distance. Sit tall and proud, supported by a stainless steel mounting rail system, animal-friendly vegan leather, and dense polyurethane foam. Enjoy a long-lasting bike seat that’s beautiful on the outside and burly on the inside. Look to WARNERSWHEELS for ergonomic bike saddles and excellent customer service. Join countless happy cyclists in riding more with less discomfort. We build world-class seats and bike accessories to enhance your exercise routine and enjoyment of the outdoors, backed by our commitment to your cycling satisfaction. Helmet up and roll out with WARNERSWHEELS.

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